Don’t you just love the phrase “This too shall pass”?  This phrase always seems to present itself when faced with adversity.  You are already in a high emotional state and this phrase is usually the last thing you want to hear, right?  I remember so many times through different phases of my life where someone used this phrase on me and all I wanted to say was “Whatever!  I don’t care if it will pass I just want it to go away NOW!”  I actually laugh at myself when I think back at certain moments.  The hardest one of all was when my brother was diagnosed with Peritoneal Mesothelioma, a very rare cancer but even more rare in a 34 year old man.  We were told that he had anywhere from 3-9 months to live and there was no cure.  He lived for 4 ½ months after the diagnosis.  During this time I am not sure how we even got through it.  I remember living like a robot.  I remember feeling completely numb.  I hardly saw my two children.  All I could do was get out of bed some days.  I saw Eric every day.  I remember thinking how are we going to continue through life without him.  He was my very best friend, my confidant, and my biggest supporter.  My world came crashing down on March 15, 2007.  Through this experience though as devastating as it was and is I have learned so much about life.  To always be grateful for even the smallest things life has to offer.  To not take the ones you love for granted.  I have to say that what I learned the most was that life was indeed too short and that I was capable and worth more than I have ever given myself credit for.  This experience opened my heart and eyes up to the limitless possibilities that life has to offer.  My point is that at the time the phrase “This too shall pass” was like a knife stuck in my heart.  Through the years, through all the tears, through all the memories I can look back and say that this phrase is one of the most accurate and powerful phrases we should all learn to live by.  There is nothing in life that is too hard to overcome.  There is no mountain that is too steep to climb.  Now when I am faced with adversity even though it may be hard in the moment to see I know deep down that “This too shall pass”.  Each day you face, face it with Gratitude knowing that all of our blessings are truly a gift from God.

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