Finding your sense of purpose through a psychic reading

Ever been on an Ego Trip?

Have you ever been starring up into the blue sky marveling at the vastness of the world, and found yourself wondering, what am I supposed to do with my life?

Or maybe you felt really excited about doing something, but weren’t really quite sure how?

Or maybe you doubted that you could even accomplish it at all?

These thoughts often return to us over and over again in our lifetime.  They may change, grow, or disappear for a time, but deep within our core they continue to nag at our hearts.

Often I have found that people don’t act on these thoughts because we don’t feel we are capable or have a clear understanding about what to do so we tend to do nothing at all. When we do nothing, we chose to stay in this energetic space of static.

You see, it is the confusion of staying in the not knowing, which is the part of us that comes from the ego that creates the fear that holds us stagnant.

The ego likes to keep our thoughts busy and our doubts high so that we are always in a place of reacting to life instead of creating life. When you begin to create your life with spirit the ego puts blocks up, and these blocks can be what is keeping us from moving forward.

This is what I refer to as ego tripping (a term I picked up from Gabby Bernstein).  When you are ego tripping you are in a place of panic and distress.

You can feel your obstacles become stronger, and the more you struggle, the more you listen to spirit. This is when you need to fight the ego off even harder. This is when you must turn away from the ego.

This is very clear to me when I am conducting my readings to those who are looking for a greater sense of purpose, they bring clarity to their dreams, passions and desires.

Psychic readings offer loving advice on how you can reach your highest potential. When you are given direction from spirit you are calm and at peace with the steps to take.

What I have found to be true is:

It is only when we can allow spirit to truly guide us that we find our truth.

It is when we connect with spirit that we are lovingly guided to know what we need to do and what it is we are meant to do.

This is one place where a Psychic reading can support you. During a reading you receive the tools through guided messages form your spirit guides that will help you to keep that ego at bay.

Now I am not saying that you will never hear ego again but what I am saying is that spirit will give you tools so that when the ego does show up you can quiet it faster.  The faster you are able to quiet the ego down, the stronger your soul speaks.

When you let your soul speak you let your passions shine through and that is the pivotal point in which you begin to transform your life.

What is it you desire?  What is your sense of purpose?  Not sure….. That’s where I can help.

Contact me  for a reading  at and let spirit guide your way.

The Act of Forgiveness

Are you someone who holds on to hurt, resentments, or anger maybe?  How does that make you feel?  This is when we call onto the virtue of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is another way to bring peace to our soul.  It allows us to let go, so that we can move on.  I am one to know how hard it is sometimes to forgive others of their actions at times.  Most of us know that holding onto the hurts really only affect our happiness.  So why hold onto this hurt?  Why hold onto resentments or anger?  Sometimes you want to hold onto them because you feel that it will make the other person possibly hurt more than you do.  The person who has hurt us probably isn’t even thinking about how they hurt us or how much anger we may be holding.  This is where we need to just let go.  We need to somehow release all this negative emotion so that it frees us to welcome in peace, healing and happiness.  Yes, trust me I know how hard this can be at times.  A couple years ago I was faced with in my eyes an ultimate betrayal.  My best friend at the time, and I mean the person I did EVERYTHING with hurt me in a way I never thought possible.  I was crushed.  I just remember sitting on my couch with both of my children on each side of me holding my hand while I cried.  I was in a state of shock for days, even weeks.  I felt like my brother died all over again.  I had given this person so much power over my life.  She was my first phone call on my way to work every day and my last phone call on my way home.  Anytime I needed to confide in someone it was her.  After days of hurting, of anger, of heartbreak I finally decided to take the power of my life back.  I decided to let go and forgive her.  Was it easy? NO!  Did it take me reminders? YES!  I realized holding on to the pain was really only affecting me from living again.  Once I was able to truly pick myself back up and let go.  There was an immense sense of peace and hope that enveloped around me.  By no means did my forgiveness of her actions allow her a space in my heart and life again but it did bring me back to life again.  In fact, it lead me to the start of finding myself again.  I found a passion within me that I hadn’t known before and to this day this passion is alive and well inside me.  It is my passion for bodybuilding.  So it took me getting knocked down to bring me to the path I was meant to follow.  Now that is a blessing in itself.  It’s funny because now I look back at this situation and as much hurt as I felt I now look at if with gratitude.  I am not sure I would have found my path of bodybuilding without this happening.  So the long and short of this message is to remember the next time someone hurts you intentionally or not, acknowledge the hurt, feel the hurt but don’t hold on to the hurt.  Release it and bring peace to yourself.  Forgiving others is not to forget but to remember how to live again.  After all Forgiveness is a Virtue.

Just a Little Stress Relief as the Holidays are Near



Happy Holidays!  Well to some, right? For some the holidays bring up deep seeded emotions and stress which turns this blissful time of year into a nightmare they would just rather sleep through.  This time of year is meant to bring families together in Divine Love but if you are at odds with your family, or have a loved one who has went home to God the holidays could bring sadness and pain.

So whether you are someone who loves or hates the holiday here are some simple tips to get you through your holiday with more love and peace.

  1. The first step in any healing is acknowledgement. You must acknowledge what it is you are feeling so you can accept it and heal from it.  Realize that it is OK to feel whatever it is you are feeling.  It’s OK to take time to cry or express your feelings. You can’t force yourself to be happy just because it’s the holiday season.  Also, realize that it is normal to feel sad around this time of year especially if you have lost a loved one.
  2. Don’t isolate yourself. Reach out to others.  Get involved in some way.  There are many families in need this time of year and one of the best ways to get through feelings of sadness is to help others.  Volunteer for a cause that is deep to your heart.  Help someone else enjoy the feelings of love and hope.
  3. Give any situation Grace. With all the added pressure and stressors sometimes people don’t behave from their higher self.  This is not your place to judge or to condemn.   It is your place to offer grace to them and send them divine love and peace.  Remember that you don’t walk in their shoes.  Who knows what they might be going thru.  Even if you think you know remember the possibility that you really don’t know how they are feeling, how it is truly effecting them, and if they might already be beating themselves up enough.  See the innocence and you will bring peace to your soul.
  4. Don’t try to be something you are not. Meaning stick to your budget and remember that your budget is different than others and love yourself enough to know that you are doing what you can and that is the best that anyone can do. It isn’t about feeling bad if you are not able to buy what you would like to for someone.  You know that isn’t what Christmas is about anyway.  Do what you can but most importantly just be love.  Love is more abundant than any gift is anyway.
  5. Take time for yourself. During the holidays there are many gatherings, many To Do lists, and crowds and crowds of people.  Make sure you are taking time to nurture yourself and your soul.  You need to find time every day to have some quiet time just for you.  Whether it be in a workout, reading a book, meditating or watching a movie.  Embrace that ‘you’ time.  You deserve it.

I hope these little tips help you out.  So often we leave our soul to be last on our list to nourish and it needs to come to the front of your list.  It is a fact that when your soul is nourished you are coming from a place of higher self and everything else seems to flow better no matter what the circumstance.

“Where there is love there is life” Gandhi

And don’t forget to Believe ~

This Moment Is All There Is

How often each day do we read or post positive quotes, positive thoughts, thought provoking stories? Now, the bigger question is How often do you REALLY read them? I mean read them in a way to let it resonate with you. To let the information soak into your very soul. Then my question would be, How quickly do you forget? How quickly does the information leave your ego? The information never leaves the soul. In fact, it has been in your soul all along. The ego just took over and somehow you forgot what really does touch your soul. It could happen in an instant, or it could happen over time as the ego leads us to tell ourselves different stories.

My reflection today is living in the moment but not just living in the moment, feeling the moment, being present in the moment, tasting the moment, seeing it, listening to it. So often I find I am so busy trying to get to the next moment in my life I forget that this moment and this moment alone is just as precious as the one I am trying to get to. In fact, it is even more important as this moment will create the next and so on and so forth. We all have heard this numerous times. But, do we really hear it? Are you living it? Or do you think you are? There is a big difference in being present in a moment and thinking you are. I know I am guilty of letting my ego take over and not being present. I know I have taken situations and people for granted. My ego told stories and I believed them and therefore by that I created feelings based on those stories which in return made me miss out on some really great opportunities to create and live some meaningful moments.

It is true, we only have this moment to live once. We will never get this time back. Each moment creates the next. What do you want your moments to look like, feel like, sound like, etc.? Who in these moments do you want to appreciate, love, care for, listen to, have fun with, etc.? What can you do in this moment to create an even better moment next?

I am not telling you anything you have not already heard over and over again. What I am asking you is to let this resonate with you. Take a moment and meditate on it. Take a moment and feel it not just hear it in your head but feel it in every inch of every part of your body. You will know in that moment what it is you want to do in your next moment.

Don’t take moments for granted. Don’t take others for granted. Because the truth is to live every day as if it really was your last. Not in a way you have to do something extraordinary. I mean after all isn’t the so called ordinary life that you have, extraordinary in itself? We are all on a journey, a ride, all we can do is do our best to relish in this remarkable ride.

We are human and not perfect, we will forget and we will make mistakes but the sooner you come back to living moments this way, the easier it is to live them every day.

Now one final question. What will you do today?

Achieving Inner Peace

“ We can never attain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves” Dalai Lama

What is blocking you from achieving your own inner peace?  This is probably one of the most important questions you can ask yourself.  Without inner peace our lives are consistently chaotic.  How many of you feel that you are constantly on a roller coaster ride except this roller coaster isn’t very fun.  This roller coaster robs us of our very essence and higher self.  The more I read and study about inner peace the more I have come to find that inner peace, in fact, is simply a choice.  That’s right, we have a choice every moment, every day and in every situation to bring ourselves to a state of peacefulness.

Inner peace comes from not reacting to life but by creating life.  At first it will take some work and it will not be easy but just like anything it becomes easier the more you do it.  Trust me, I teach about inner peace and I still have days where I find myself overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, sad, etc. I am human and I have the same human experiences and emotions just like any of you.  What brought me to teaching about this topic is because I found myself yearning more and more for my own inner peace.  Inner peace isn’t something that only saints, monks and spiritual leaders can achieve.  After all, they are just as human as you are so this is your wake-up call that you too can achieve this if you desire it enough.

We live in a very judgmental, negative society and it is easy to get sucked into all the fears associated with all of it.  I am a very sensitive person and I soak up all the emotions and feeling of those around me and I have come to find that it literally was draining me from my very own happiness.  I constantly wanted to please others, to make sure other people liked me.  I do think that it is important that we help and serve others but the key factor is that we don’t help and serve others at the expense of ourselves. It is true there is a big difference between self-care and selfishness.  Even just saying the two out loud you can feel the different energy surrounding them.

So now we have come to this.  What can you do to reach a state of inner peace and keep yourself there as much as possible?  First and for most, you must change your thoughts.  Your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs create your emotions and your emotions create your actions.  This doesn’t need to be as hard as we make it.  Our human ego wants nothing more than to keep us down.  Just by doing simple affirmations and positive self-talk we can change our chaotic lives into peaceful lives.  It is best to do this in steps and the first step always comes with awareness. We can’t change that in which we are not aware of so awareness is key.

Letting go of judgments and expectations is my next step.  When we come from a place of judgment that judgment is stemming from some fear that is deep within ourselves and we project it onto others.  It’s true when you find yourself judging others you can be assured that you have a certain belief based on a fear about your own insecurities.  It is true we tend to easily point out the faults in others that we posses’ ourselves.  We hate those attributes of ourselves so of course we aren’t going to like it when we see it in others.  The best thing you can do is acknowledge the thoughts but then quickly let them go.  Don’t give any power to them.  Just let them pass by.  The same holds true for expectations.  When we put too high of expectations on ourselves as well as others we are sure to be disappointed every time.  So I encourage you to figure out what it is you are expecting and why it holds so much power over you?


One of the best ways I find to quickly get to a state of inner peace is by breathing and letting go.  One of my favorite quotes is Let Go and Let God.  Let go of the attachment, surrender to what is and you will reach a state of inner peace.  Remembering that this takes practice and it doesn’t come easy so be gentle on yourself.  Be Kind. When you can consistently come from a place of love and not fear and you will find that you will not only achieve inner peace you will be sending peace out into the world and creating it.  That my friend is what you can call power.

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